Monday, August 10, 2015

222/365 Feeling Blessed

222/365 Feeling Blessed
(sorry, feeling wordy tonight)
I am just pausing today to give thanks for so many blessing in my life. Yeah it was a busy day at work , but it flew by and I got to help people - pretty great!
Coming home and having to make supper ~ well I could complain about that but hey there was food in the fridge - good food. I am thankful about that.
It only took the two of us 20 minutes to throw together a gourmet meal to eat on the deck. I am thankful about that.
There were many years where supper meant feeding 6 of us on a tight budget and it wasn't BBQ pork chops. It likely involved pasta or hamburger. And it was in a tiny little kitchen. How did we do it? :)
I am thankful that I can eat in peace, on the deck, listening to the birds. I didn't get up once.....okay once to go get my camera. :)
I am thankful that the two of us can be done supper dishes in under 10 minutes with tomorrows lunches made.

And I am thankful for all those years full of crazy times, busy meals, hungry children and a messy kitchen. I wouldn't change a day of it.

I also completely understand why the good Lord had me go through all that crazy busyness in my 20's and 30's.

Feeling blessed.

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