Sunday, August 3, 2014

215/365 Heirloom Tomato

I have never seen a tomato quite like this one. The little stickie on it called in an Heirloom tomato. I think it looks more like someone crossed an acorn squash with a tomato. I wonder what it tastes like? Perhaps we will find out for supper tonight. :)

What are you doing this warm sunny August long weekend?
I am feeling very thankful for this beautiful weather. Today I stood on the deck and closed my eyes and imagined I was bundled up shoveling the four feet of snow off of it, my fingers freezing. That brief moment cause me to really appreciate the warm sun on my bare arms. 

Other then eating gourmet meals on the deck (blue cheese, mushroom burgers for lunch today),  this weekend I have caught up on garden weeding, bought some furniture for the family room I am loving and spent a good chunk of the weekend working my way through a very in-depth Photoshop course. I am having fun, but it is time to post today's work from the module on painting in light and get up out of this chair I seem to be glued to. It is time to check out the garage!

While I was working on a tomato, someone was cleaning my car - inside and out! :)

I think he deserves a Caprese salad and I know just the tomato I will use. The garden is bursting with Basil and the fridge has a new container of Bocconcini! And then there is that blueberry balsamic vinegar on the counter......

Stay posted for tomorrows photoshop project.