Friday, April 13, 2018

103/365 Scum!

Last Christmas the girls really wanted to learn how to play Scum. It is one of the card games that we all enjoy when we all get together. It involves strategically getting rid of all your cards. The first one to do that is the president, second is the vice president third is vice scum and last is scum. If there are more players you add neutrals. When the next hand is dealt, the scum and the vice scum have to give their very best card (2 if you are scum) to the president and vice president. The President and the vice press go into the round with better hands and the scum and vice scum go into the round with worse hands because they get the worst cards in return for the best. You don't want to be scum.
So we taught the girls and they tended to partner up with someone when they played - usually the president because it didn't take them long to figure out they wanted to be president.

We must have played this game a hundred times on vacation. The girls insisted. So we insisted they play their own hand which they did, brilliantly! In this particular photo they partnered up. They won! And they won again. These two spent more time being president then anyone else. They understood the strategy better then I did and they knew which cards to play and when not to play them. Although Norah was quick to play her ace cards too early in the beginning, she figured it out. "Not yet Norah" was often heard around the table. But it didn't take her long to clean up and go out. I would like to think they just got dealt really good cards.

I think it is time to  teach them bridge. The young mind is such a sponge for knowledge. And they retain it!!
This photo goes in the coffee table book because if we weren't in the pool, eating or sleeping we were playing Scum (or charades)!

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