Friday, March 30, 2018

89/365 My Girls

They spent the day here and I got about 300 photos of them. :) They just keep posing for me. This is one of our favourite spots - at the top of the stairs with all that beautiful natural light flooding in from the stairwell window. They also let me be a funny hairdresser today ("do the hairdresser voice Grandma") so I could brush out all their knots (and a bit of gum in Norah's hair - at least that is what she said it was).   We decided on messy side buns. :)
Busy day with Easter egg painting, fort building, tea party - we opened the tea set I had packed away for 4 years - and a round of "Trouble". Norah won but just by a few moves. We also dug out their Mom's collection of Red Rose Tea miniature tea pots.
They thought it would be best if they stayed until midnight or a sleepover - whichever I thought was best.
These are exhausting and precious days I wouldn't trade for anything.

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