Friday, February 5, 2016

36/365 I Love This Man

Here he is after an 11 hr work day filled with deadlines, financial stuff,  people stresses and major decisions, watching some war drama on tv (on mute) while he listens to some political debate on his laptop. I know he must be exhausted but he never lets on. He did the dishes tonight.
I love that because he worked such long days for the past 36 years, I was able to stay home and watch our kids grow. He trusted and supported me to be there for them when he couldn't. As exhausting as it was, I know it was not filled with the stresses he faced at work. What a blessing for me and for our kids.
I love that even though he knows nothing about photography, he has supported me in my passion.
I love that even though he is really tired right now, he let me take his photo and post it on my 365.
Cause he loves me. :)
He's my Valentine.

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