Thursday, January 28, 2010

148/365 French Cuisine tonight,

Wonderful dinner out at Ches Isabella tonight. Then we took in a fun "circus"show.


  1. So how was your last day/night? Excited to be coming home to all the snow? :P Are you going to be at church on Sunday? Sammy & I were thinking we should go out for lunch together. See you soon!!

  2. Our last night was incredible. We just got back into our room. Dad is in bed and I am editing the 329 photos I took today. That's right ! I took 329 photos today and 90% of them are fantastic!!
    Excited to be coming home?
    hmmmm lets see... NO!
    But we do miss you guys. I could seriously use another week of this though.
    SNOW?? Um No to that too.
    Yes we will be at church Sunday morning but unlikely we will be doing the music unless everyone want to dance to Mexican music.
    Lunch? maybe - we will be back on a strict eating schedule as soon as we land. :)